Andrew North and the Rangers are small-town friends brought together by an adventurous approach to music.  The quartet span different ages, hometowns, and musical backgrounds, but they hit it off quickly at local open-mic nights.  Over 3 years together they have honed their craft, drawing from the technical fireworks of classic rock, the spontaneity of jazz, the light-hearted fun of the jam scene, and even the intricate passages of classical composition.  Their debut album, Phosphorescent Snack, showcases their genre-bending style and whimsical sense of humor. It’s a reminder that amazing things can come from unlikely places.  

At first, it was just Andrew North, a a prolific songwriter, composer, piano player and singer living in Concord, NH.  He loves improvisation and he wears the same shoes to every gig.  He’s played in numerous bands, has released 4 solo albums and has performed on stages large and small.  He has opened for 3 Dog Night, shredded keys with Dizzy Reed (Gun n’ Roses) and even bluegrass jammed with Mike Gordon (Phish).  He needed a band and one-by-one they appeared to join in on the fun.

The first to come along was Dale Grant, a drummer of 49 years (he started very early in life), with roots in drum lines, jazz, classic rock, new wave and metal.  Dale has played and sung in bands in six states over the years.  He has been very fortunate to meet and play with several well-known musicians, such as Tony Kaye (Yes), Stephan Ellis(Survivor), Tom Peterson (Cheap Trick) and Craig Thomas (Jim Messina).  He has also played in bands that have opened for the Coasters and Charlie Daniels.  He does not wear the same shoes to every gig.

Next on the scene was Chip Spangler, originally from Maryland, where he first started learning bass guitar.  Having played with several different bands throughout the years, including as far away as Alaska, and making a habit of dropping by open mic nights to jam with whoever was around, he's learned many useful things along the way.  Chip wears ordinary shoes at gigs, because his feet are too big for cool shoes.

And then there is Rob, the Mysterious Stranger, O'Brien.  He is an amazingly talented sax player who shows up to gigs with a Roland Aerophone (affectionately referred to as the dust buster),  which can sound like just about anything.  Weather it's the alto, tenor or bari sax or even the Dust Buster, Rob brings the awesome horn sounds to the group.  He arrives dressed in whatever style struck his fancy that day and.... Shoes?  What are shoes?

Together, Andrew, Dale, Chip, and Rob are Andrew North & The Rangers, an adventurous piano-rock quartet delighting crowds with their upbeat energy and offbeat sense of fun.